The Lockdown Diaries


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. 


I would like to advise all our customers and friends that my team at Marble Arc fully support the Government’s decision to lockdown Gibraltar. At this exceptional time of our lives, we must get together to fight against Covid-19, an invisible killer which targets the most vulnerable in our community.

We are only as strong as our weakest link, and I urge you all to act responsibly and in accordance with the authorities’ recommendations. The more united and decisive we are in our actions, the more lives we will save.

In accordance with the regulations coming into force today, we have closed our shop and will remain closed until the restrictions on opening are lifted. That does not mean that the Marble Arc has temporarily disappeared for your lives!

Our admin team is still working throughout the period. If you need to contact us, you can do so through our social media channels or email us at

Additionally, we are currently refurbishing our website and updating it daily with new products- a regular visit is recommended!

We’ll also be filling you in on what our crazy team is up to whilst we’re self-isolating. Just to prove we’re creative and fun in our homes too! We invite and encourage you to join in this conversation by telling us what you’re up to too- we’d love to hear from you!

In these troubled times, I’d like to wish you and all your loved ones all the very very best. These moments come round to prove to ourselves how strong, resolute and together we really are. I am confident that Gibraltar will come out of this a better place than it ever was.

In the meantime, hold on tight & join us in the fun!

Raju Purswani