Do's & Don't's of Buying a Suit

Match by Marble Arc 

The first thing that we do at Match is we listen carefully. That's absolutely the most important thing - to understand what a customer needs.
Often a customer, especially those who don't buy suits very often cant really express what they are after.
So we have to listen very carefully and read between the lines before offering them options that maybe matches up to what they had in mind but not able to explain. 

Don't - Alter the suits too much

Then we give them advice on what to do, for example, a lot of customers want to take away a suit that maybe is a bit too long for them and we demonstrate
to them what happens if they make some slight alterations how much it can change how the suit looks and all these things are pointed out to them.

Don't Over Alter It

Don't - Style it the wrong way

Often customers will want to button up both buttons of the suit, whereas we explain to them that really they should only button the top button of the suit and not both. 

 Match by Marble Arc

Do - Listen to your tailors & suit providers 

Generally give them guidelines on how to wear the suit and dressing of the suit. A lot of people need that guidance and we are happy to provide it.
The nice thing about what we offer in Match is that, in many cases, we have a very long standing relationship with our customers and therefore, when we advise on something,
the advice is tailored to them, rather than a generic understanding. 

Do - Shop where they know you 

I think that's very important of course at Match we provide all of this within a local service atmosphere and situation so for example, people who tend to go to England or Spain
to buy a suit may have more choice obviously because there are a lot more shops there etc but what they don't have is the service that we can offer.
We know the customer, we can advise them honestly on what works or doesn't work for them, and we can deliver those benefits right here

Do - Shop close to home for 2nd & 3rd fittings

We have the proximity and the possibility of them to come back for a second and third fitting and the ability to be able to advise them and their families on what they need and of course
to do it all a stones throw from where they are. That is really important for our customers we believe.

Do - Ask the Experts 

A lot of our customers who are professionals or travel frequently often only have time to buy a suit when they are at the airport. The airport they will have a limited amount of time and
the person seeing to them may not know anything about selling suits, they might just be there working for the day, whereas we know the customer well we know what
their requirements are and we have a wealth of experience in selling suits.  


we'll be talking about the features of a suit- styles, constructions and details

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