The Lockdown Diaries #3 - Balboa Edition

The Lockdown Diaries #3

Taking Home Exercises to the next level! 

Check out all the creative ways the team are staying fit and healthy! 

Abigail's Lockdown Life: 

 We stay home and we stay active! I support #MarbleArcSupportsLockdown and I exercise with some Skechers at home! 


Jose's Lockdown Life: 

Before closing up shop this week and getting the last few orders into the store, our main man Jose is keeping fit and healthy the Marble Arc Way! haha 



Jessica's Lockdown Life: 

Jessica practices her sales skills as well as energise by dancing it out! 

 Did she sell the shoes?! haha 

Elena's Lockdown Life: 

From jumping jacks and skipping ropes to redefining those dance moves! 
Elena stays home and supports #MarbleArcSupportsLockdown 


Desi's Lockdown Life: 

And some of us throw a full on street party to dance it out and keep that immune system up!! 


How are you guys staying healthy and fit? Let us know in the comments! 

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