Sometimes,  #NOisGood

So, when we mentioned that we were starting up marblearc.com, those really smart business types (no, not the ones who run Marble Arc, the other guys!) asked us - “Hey, what’s your USP?” For those of you blissfully unaware of management-speak, USP stands for Unique Selling Point. Basically, why should you buy from marblearc.com and not another website?
Because of the word “NO” When you shop at marble arc.com, there’ll be:
NO delivery charges*
NO checking your home mailbox every day until your order turns up
NO wondering whether an obscure website has kept your cash
NO partial shipments (we’ve got it, or we haven’t- that’s it)
NO rushing down to the Parcel Post during lunch to pick up your order
NO duty payments
NO worries about having to send your order back if it’s no good And, of course,
NO other website can offer you an “APARTAMELO/RESERVE” button!
I’m sure you’ll now agree #NOisGood ! *free delivery on orders over £99